Optional visits

We have organised two optional visits for conference participants at the end of the conference on the afternoon of Friday 4 April:
* A guided tour of Angoulême (20€ per person/ minimum 10 people)
(approximate timing from 15:00 to 17:30)
* A guided visit of the House of Rémy Martin in Cognac (40€ per person/minimum 15 people)
(approximate timing from 14:30 to 19:00)

These visits will be in English, they are optional and the cost is not included in the conference fee.
You will be able to reserve your place on one of these visits when registering for the conference on the CTC 2018 website.

Guided tour of Angoulême

The towers of the Count’s ancient caste and the Town Hall (interior-exterior)

The round tower called “Marguerite of Angoulême”. This residential tower built at the end of the Gothic period is the birthplace of the sister of François I.
The Dungeon, a military building erected by the Counts of Lusignan in the late 13th century.

Panoramic view from the Carnot statue

This location offers a beautiful panorama of the Anguienne valley.

The Cathedral

Visit to the Saint-Pierre Cathedral (interior-exterior) a masterpiece of 12th century Romanesque art, surrounded by the ancient houses of canons and the episcopal palace, recently restored to accommodate the collections from the Angoulême Museum.

Rue Vauban

Hautefaye’s house in the rue Vauban, with its buildings arranged around a courtyard which has a beautiful well with columns.

The church of Saint-André

Mural painted by the artist Yslaire « Memory of a 20th century sky ».

Hôtel Saint-Simon (exterior)

Situated in the medieval sector of Saint-André this monument was built around 1530-1550. The composition of the facade and its decor are characteristic of the architecture from the first French Renaissance.

Les halles Market place

This space was once occupied by a castle built in the 1250’s by the King situated a few metres away from the Count’s castle (now the Town hall). It served as the royal prison before being destroyed in 1887 to set up the Les halles Market place.

• Tariff : 20 € per person
• Rendez-vous in front of the Town Hall to start the visit.
• The visit will be in English and will last approximately 2 hours.
• A group of 10 people minimum is needed to ensure that this visit takes place and places are limited.
• For more information about the town of Angoulême.

The house of Remy Martin in Cognac

Founded in 1724 and situated in the town of Cognac, just 45 kilometres from Angoulême, Rémy Martin is one of the most renowned Cognac houses.
We offer you the opportunity of visiting the Historic House of Rémy Martin in the centre of Cognac and of discovering three centuries of Cognac creation.
You will learn about the process of creating cognac and the specifics of the Rémy Martin brand.
You will walk through two of the hundred-year-old cellars, one of which is still actively used today.
You will enjoy a tasting of the VSOP and XO Rémy Martin Cognacs (3 glasses in total) accompanied by four specially created gourmet snacks.

• Tariff : 40 € per person
• The visit will be in English and will last approximately 2 hours.
• Transport by bus is included (travel time 2 hours the round trip)
• The bus will leave at 14:30 and will return at approximately 19:00
• For the visit to take place it is necessary to have a minimum group of 15 people and the the visit is limited to a maximum of 55 people.

You can find more information on the Rémy Martin website
Take a look at the flyer

The visits to Angouleme and Cognac will take place after the CTC 2018 conference in the afternoon of Friday 4 April.
When registering for the CTC 2018 conference on the conference website, don’t forget to reserve your place on one of the optional visits either to Angoulême or to Cognac.