The international « Child and Teen Consumption » Conferences aim to facilitate in-depth dialogue between researchers from various disciplines: management, psychology, sociology, information and communication, anthropology, history, educational sciences, law, etc. An active interdisciplinary community has organised the seven previous conferences: Poitiers University Business School in 2004; the Copenhagen Business School in 2006; the Norwegian Child Research Centre (NOSEB) in 2008; Linköping University in 2010; the Universita Libera of Milan in 2012; the Edinburgh University Business School in 2014; Aalborg University in 201­6. Because of their interdisciplinary focus, the Child and Teen Consumption conferences tackle a wide variety of topics relating to the links between childhood and adolescence and consumer environments in different social and institutional contexts. The CTC conferences promote and enhance original research that explores and highlights what children understand about the market experiences in which they participate, and how they use the resources available to them to assert their child status vis-a-vis adults or their peer groups. The conferences also welcome work that analyses marketing techniques used towards young people as well as the socio-economic mechanisms that shape and control childhood cultures.

The 8th CTC conference returns to its origins, to the University of Poitiers and Angoulême, home to a wealth of creative organisations and initiatives. In 1998 Greater Angoulême set up the MAGELIS Image Centre which now comprises 90 companies from key sectors of the image industry (audio-visual production studios, post-production studios, video game producers, serious game producers, mobile game producers, advertising agencies, design agencies, etc.). Furthermore, Greater Angoulême is currently in the process of establishing a technoloqy park where the Cultural and Creative Industries are one of the main themes. Second to Paris, MAGELIS in Angoulême is now the largest centre in France recording the greatest number of cartoons produced each year.

Whilst the 8th edition of the International Child and Teen Consumption Conference will continue interdisciplinary research and dialogue on broad themes related to children and young people as consumers, the theme of the 2018 conference will be « Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth » in order to reflect its location in Angoulême and the growing research and public policy interest in this topic. The conference aims to highlight research in this domaine and invites producers of cultural material to bring their views to the debate.

Scope of the recurring topics addressed by the CTC conferences :

– Historical perspectives on consumption by children and adolescents – Social contexts of consumption practices by children and adolescents – Parent-child relationships with regard to consumption: education, negotiation – The educational projects of parents with regard to learning about consumption – Empowering the child with regard to consumption: comptence, dependence and vulnerability – Children and adolescents as co-producers of consumer cultures – The relationship of children with money: pocket money, saving and spending – Brand strategies and communicaton within youth industries – Inequality and discrimination between children / families provoked by commercial activities – Socialisation of children in consumer practices: tensions between ideology, politics and resistance – Consumer education: responsibility, ethics, environmental and social issues – Social risks: obesity, excessive consumption, excessive debt – Market mediators relating to children: design, publicity, packaging, merchandising – New methodology for « listening to » the voice of the apprentice-consumer – Responsibility of the researcher working with children – Images of the material culture of childhood advocated by commercial activities – Controversy over child well-being and corporate social responsibility – Ethics and responsibility vis-a-vis children: companies, researchers, educators, practitioners, etc.

– Children’s rights and the globalisation of commercial activities

Topics suggested by the theme « Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth » :

– Cultural products for children and youth – Tensions and mix between entertainment and education – Economic socialisation in child and youth media practices – Virtual worlds: arbitration between avatars, games, virtual currency and real purchases – Children and new forms of interactive advertising : risk relating to the collection of personal data and the targeting of advertising towards minors – Convergence culture : the fluidity of media content and consumer practices – Digital marketing and capturing children’s attention – Techno-cultural affordances of childhood and youth – Cultural industries, licensing and the ‘glocalisation’ of child cultures – Cultural consumer travelling – Transmedia design and circulation of children’s products – Convergence culture : the fluidity of media content and consumer practices – Design of cultural, museum and touristic experiences destined for children – Cultural content and child practices within the regulations of cultural industries and the internet

– Children’s rights in the media and consumer world

Proposed papers should include the title, a 1500-word text + bibilography, indicating the affiliation of the author.