Fédération française des industries jouet – puériculture (FJP)

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The French Toy and Child Care Article Manufacturers Association promote the interests of the manufacturers of both sectors, toy and child care, and is responsible for: individual or collective action, communication, promotion and development, relationship with media, advice and technical support, exchange information.

FJP is the official representative for Public authorities, Technical bodies, European and international authorities, Prescribers, Consumer Associations, Social partners, Media and Retailers.

Syndicat national du jeu vidéo (SNJV)

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Created in 2008, the SYNDICAT NATIONAL DU JEU VIDEO (SNJV) currently represents more than 200 companies, producers, publishers and industry professionals from the video game and multimedia entertainment sector, as well as organisations involved in developing France’s video game industry.

The SNJV’s mission is to study, represent, promote and defend the rights as well as material and moral interests of its member companies, on both a collective and individual level.

The SNJV represents the French video game industry, both in France and abroad, in dealings with public authorities, administrations, private and public compagnies and corporations, other professional unions, and all competent authorities in general. It analyses the impact of French policy on the economic and social interests of French video game companies.


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Based in the region « Pays de la Loire », the cluster Nova CHILD drives a network including companies, research and training institute. Different actors (all sector mix) of the child care universe can share and exchange ideas and points of view inside this network : food, shoes, books, clothing, health, toys, furniture, baby care, decoration, services…

Nova CHILD brings together actors knowledge, skills and capabilities, in order to create a real expertise center oriented around the innovation for the child and his family.

Thereby, Nova CHILD offers 3 services to bring answers for all organization acting around innovation for the well-being of children :

> OBSERVATORY : identify and decipher innovative trends in the child universe
> LIVING LAB : allow the access to the user (children, parents, grandparents, family…)
> INNOVATION : support in project’s innovation process

French Animation Producers’ Union (SPFA)

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The French Animation Producers’ Union (SPFA) represents the interests over 60 production and distribution companies as well as services studios in the field of television and cinema.

Among the top performers worldwide in its sector, french animation is a champion in TV exports with +55% and +13% of jobs in 2016.

Chaired by Philippe Alessandri, SPFA is a founding member of Animation Europe, the newly created federation of animation producers’ associations within the E.U.

The Board of the French Animation Producers’ Association :

> Philippe Alessandri Watch Next Media, president
> Samuel Kaminka Samka Productions, president of the TV college
> Pierre Sissmann Cyber Group Studios, vice-president of the TV college
> Jacques Bled Illumination Mac Guff, president of the short and feature film college
> Clément Calvet Superprod) , vice-president of the short and feature film college
> Ivan Rouveure Les Armateurs, treasurer
> Didier Brunner Folivari, elected member
> Arnaud Demuynck Les Films du Nord, elected member
> Katell France Studio 100 Animation, elected member
> Laetitia Jaeck Ankama, elected member
> Corinne Kouper TeamTO, elected member
> Roch Lener Millimages, elected member
> David Michel Cottoonwood Media, elected member
> Marc du Pontavice Xilam, elected member
> Jean-François Tosti TAT Productions, elected member

French Fund for food and health (FFAS)

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Founded in 2011, the French Fund for food and health (FFAS) aims to bring scientific knowledge and perspectives on complex relationships between diet and health to consumers as well as to public and to private decision-makers. Actions of FFAS may apply to food in all its dimensions, including its physiological, cultural, sociological, psychological, emotional and economical aspects.

Our main missions are :

> Mobilizing public and private actors on an everyday issue that is a matter of interest for everyone.
> Structuring and clarifying the debate on multiple issues related to food.
> Developing knowledge and organizing the spread of scientifically validated information to the general public, opinion leaders and decision-makers.
> Based on a methodology validated by all the actors, assessing existing measures, elaborating field interventions in order to deploy them widely and to promote healthy behaviors.